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  • Treat swelling and locking of the jaw
  • Eradicate chewing difficulty, as well as pain in the neck, face, and shoulders
  • Prevent cracked and damaged teeth
  • Enjoy eating again
  • Protect your ear health, improve your sleep, and enhance your overall well-being!

If you regularly clench or grind your teeth and experience jaw stiffness and pain, you may be experiencing a condition called Bruxism or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder.

While mild cases of Bruxism often do not require intervention, severe cases may be related to TMJ (also known as TMD) and should be assessed as the condition can cause significant damage to a sufferer’s teeth and jaw if left untreated. At San Diego Dental Specialists, our San Diego TMJ treatment specialists offer multiple options to care for patients experiencing these conditions.

What is Bruxism?

A condition wherein people clench their jaw or grind their teeth unconsciously, Bruxism can happen during the day or night. While stress can trigger clenching, so can anxiety, anger, frustration, and a host of other emotions. Genetics can also play a role in Bruxism, and certain conditions, including epilepsy, dementia, and night terrors can also be associated with the condition.

What is TMJ/TMD?

A disorder in which sufferers experience pain on or both sides of their jaw and in the muscles that control jaw movement, TMJ/TMD can be caused by genetics, injury, arthritis, or Bruxism. Though not every case of Bruxism will lead to the development of TMJ/TMD, severe cases can since aggressive grinding has the ability to alter a patient’s bite, damage teeth, and reposition the jaw.

When should you have your symptoms assessed by our team?

If you experience frequent and severe headaches, pain in and around your ear(s), tenderness in your jaw, neck, or face, or find it difficult to open or close your mouth, we encourage you to schedule an appointment.

How can our team treat these conditions?

Along with making recommendations related to stress-management practices and techniques, San Diego TMJ treatment dentists may suggest methods that will help you learn to consciously relax your jaw during the day and before you sleep. We may also suggest that you wear a customized nightguard to prevent grinding while you sleep, and/or that you wear a bite splint to alleviate pain and damage caused by Bruxism.

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