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  • Strengthen your teeth
  • Prevent cavity formation
  • Slow the growth of tooth decay
  • Lessen your need for more involved dental treatments
  • Minimize your chances of developing gum disease!

Helping to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent cavities, at San Diego Dental Specialists, we know that fluoride is a natural mineral that’s been an integral part of oral health practices for many decades.

With a long-established reputation for beneficially impacting smiles, fluoride works to reduce bacteria growth that, left unchecked, can lead to plaque development. Plaque that isn’t removed from teeth and gums can create a harmful acid that infects and can eventually seriously damage the nerves inside teeth, causing decay and other serious dental issues.

What’s involved with a professional fluoride treatment?

Fluoride treatments offered by our team may be applied in a variety of formats that include a polish, foam, gel, or rinse. Our skilled dental expert will use one of these options to treat your teeth with a swab, mouthwash, dental tool, or tray.

Because this treatment option contains a high concentration of fluoride, it should be left on your teeth to absorb for a few minutes. Our team may suggest that you avoid drinking or eating for 30 minutes following your treatment for best results.

How often should I schedule a fluoride treatment?

The frequency at which you should receive a fluoride treatment depends on your personal oral health situation, but generally, treatments are recommended every six or 12 months. Once our San Diego fluoride treatment dentists have assessed your needs, they will advise you on how often you should consider having this treatment done. They may also suggest incorporating an over-the-counter, ADA-approved fluoride product for additional cavity protection.

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