Meet  Dr. Thurston


Dr. Martin Thurston – Orthodontist

Because an uneven bite can create far more than issues with appearance, Dr. Martin Thurston has based his orthodontic career on helping people correct bite issued and attain the highest level of oral health. His interest in nutrition and body fitness/joint mechanics supports his goal and has given him an added perspective on how to correct misaligned teeth and jaws so that you can enjoy a healthy smile that functions as it should. This allows you to live a life with a stunning healthy smile and bite.

Meet Dr. Lam


Dr. Christy Lam – Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Christy Lam loves kids and has based her career as a pediatric dentist in San Diego on helping kids become passionate about maintaining excellent oral health. Her gentle, understanding nature and ease with children helps them understand what she is doing with their mouth, and why it’s important. Giving kids a firm foundation for health and development underlies everything she does.

Meet Dr. Amodeo


Dr. Michael Amodeo – Pediatric Dentist

Born in Brooklyn, Dr. Michael Amodeo was raised in Rancho Bernardo and is passionate about helping our neighborhood kids attain the excellent oral health that helps them excel in all areas of their life. From teaching them how to take great care of their teeth to providing a fun and friendly environment for their visits, Dr. Amodeo treats your kids as though they were his own.

Meet Dr. Good


Dr. Lori Good – Pediatric Dentist

On staff at Rady’s Children’s Hospital, Dr. Lori Good takes great care to coordinate our practice’s efforts to provide the best possible care for our patients with special needs, including those with Cleft Lip/Palate and other craniofacial anomalies and syndromes. With kindness and compassion, she takes the time to connect with those under her care while creating an experience that helps them look forward to their next dental visit. From – instructions to using a gentle hand while clearly explaining what she is doing, Dr. Good uses terms that your children understand.

Meet  Dr. Fischer


Dr. Brittany Fischer – Orthodontist

Caring for your or your child’s smile is Dr. Brittany Fischer’s passion. With tenderness and compassion, she always takes the time to understand your needs and works with you to meet them. She also makes it her focus to help you understand how to best take care of your smile so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Meet Dr. Dixon


Dr. Gordon Dixon – Pediatric Dentist

As a founding member of San Diego Dental Specialists (formerly Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontic Specialists), Dr. Gordon Dixon has been serving your neighbors for over 40 years.

His passion for helping others extends to expanding our team and practice offerings, and his small pediatric practice has grown to include the specialists that can help your family through all stages of their dental development. Dr. Dixon is committed to helping you feel confident you’ve found your San Diego family dentists … for the lifetime of your beautiful smiles.


Meet Our Team

Relationships are the foundation of what we do – that includes both creating long-term relationships with you and your children – and the relationships we foster within our winning team. For over 40 years, we have been serving our city and its surrounding communities, developing deep roots with partnerships and education in our schools, and working with medical professionals to optimize our patients' oral and overall health. Our team values honest, open communication and provides the same level of care we would demand for our own loved ones. With caring and expertise, our team works hard to help you achieve your goals for a healthy, beautiful smile … for life!