Oral Cancer Screenings From Your Dentist in San Diego

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  • Have your mouth and neck examined for abnormalities
  • Determine whether patches, sores, bumps, and other symptoms are cancerous
  • Treat any issues early on
  • Receive specialist referrals, when necessary
  • Increase your chances of survival by acting quickly.

Are you aware that over 56,000 North Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer annually, or that almost 11,000 of those people will die because of the condition? While taking diligent care of your oral health, avoiding smoking, eating a nutritious diet, and limiting your sun exposure are all vital steps when it comes to minimizing your risk of developing this form of cancer, should you develop abnormal symptoms in or around your mouth, it’s paramount that you seek out treatment immediately.

When conducting an oral cancer screening at San Diego Dental Specialists, we’ll examine the soft tissues of your tongue, cheeks, tonsils, soft palate, lips, pharynx, and salivary glands. We’ll look for:

  • lumps or bumps on the gums
  • white or red mouth patches
  • any mouth or neck numbness or bleeding
  • sores that haven’t healed after 14 days
  • stiffness when chewing, swallowing, or moving the jaw
  • ear pain
  • a cough that persists for weeks
  • breathing difficulties
  • voice changes (it often becomes more hoarse)
  • dramatic weight loss
  • changes in the way teeth or dentures fit together.

New or ongoing symptoms that present themselves in your mouth should be thoroughly assessed by our team. We’ll examine your mouth carefully and if there are causes for concern, we’ll make recommendations for follow-up care.

A few facts about oral cancer

  • it’s the 8th most common cancer men experience
  • it’s twice as likely to occur in men than in women
  • the average age of diagnosis is 62
  • approximately 25% of cases develop in people under 55
  • if diagnosed early, the five-year survival rate is 84%
  • if cancer has metastasized, the five-year survival rate is 39%

At San Diego Dental Specialists, oral cancer assessments are a vital component of our treatment process. If you’re concerned about any symptoms you’re experiencing or just looking for peace of mind on the condition of your mouth and oral health, call us today!