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San Diego Dental Specialists is a leading dental practice specializing in advanced dental care.

Our San Diego CariVu dentists are dedicated to providing exceptional dental care using this cutting-edge technology. We embrace the philosophy of empowering patients in their oral health decisions.

Through a blend of education, exploration of options, and collaborative decision-making, we're dedicated to creating a smile that meets your dental goals.

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What is DEXIS CariVu?

DEXIS CariVu is a compact, portable device that uses patented transillumination technology to accurately identify carious lesions and cracks.

How it Works

  • Transillumination technology: By emitting safe, near-infrared light, CariVu makes the enamel appear transparent, exposing the tooth's structure.
  • Clear imaging: Lesions appear as dark areas, providing a clear and easy-to-understand representation of your dental health.

At San Diego Dental Specialists, we proudly embrace technology's transformative power, revolutionizing how we diagnose and plan treatment.

Benefits of DEXIS CariVu over fluorescent imaging

Minimal Tooth Preparation

DEXIS CariVu eliminates the need for extensive tooth cleaning before imaging, ensuring a comfortable experience for our patients.

Intuitive Results

CariVu provides clear, x-ray-like images, making it easy for you and your dentist to understand and discuss treatment options.

Precision in Diagnosis

Experience high-accuracy imaging that reveals the actual structure of carious lesions, allowing for precise identification and tailored treatment plans.

Patient-Focused Care

Our commitment to a patient-centric approach is reflected in our choice of technology, prioritizing your comfort and delivering optimal oral health solutions.

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