Children’s Cleanings & Checkups

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  • Make your child’s oral health a priority
  • Prevent dental issues
  • Remove plaque and tartar accumulation
  • Increase your child’s comfort in visiting the dentist
  • Strengthen their teeth for life!

As experienced dentists in San Diego who treat patients of all ages and comfort levels, we know that caring for children can often require a special approach. While many kids immediately feel at ease while in our care, others are more reluctant to have their teeth and mouth assessed, which can present difficulties when it comes to their short- and long-term oral health.

With this reality in mind, let us reassure you that our team at San Diego Dental Specialists is ready, able, and well-prepared to care for your child. From checkups and cleanings to fluoride treatments and dental sealants, our warm and friendly dental experts will do all they can to make visiting the dentist an experience your child will love!

What can you and your child expect during a visit to our practice?

If it’s their first visit, you can expect that we’ll focus on making your child feel comfortable, familiarizing them with different areas of the office, and talking to them (and you!) about their teeth and how they can take great care of them. We’ll also examine their mouth to assess their development and ensure that there aren’t issues you should be aware of.

For subsequent visits, you can expect that we will ask questions about their medical situation and history before examining their teeth and gums visually and with x-ray technology. We’ll discuss their oral hygiene routine, offer suggestions on how to improve it, if necessary, and address any issues with thumb sucking or teething that may be present. Should we find any signs of decay or larger issues, we’ll discuss the next steps with you.

How do we care for a child who’s very nervous about visiting the dentist?

While our team is trained and well-equipped to offer a calming in-office experience, sometimes children who experience nervousness, fear, or anxiety about seeing the dentist may benefit from low levels of sedation to help put them at ease. We offer options that will relax them while we care for their teeth, making it easier for them to receive the treatments they need.

Does your child need a checkup and cleaning, or are you hoping to familiarize them with a dental office? Call us today!